N  E   Y  O  R   C  I  T   H  I  S  T  O  R  Y


In Manhattan, Amputated Buildings
A discussion of Local Law 10 of 1980 and the law of unintended consequences. Local Law 10 mandates safety inspections of tall buildings, but has unintentionally led to the stripping of cornices and other decorations from the City's architectural stock. This piece, which appeared in the New York Times, discusses the resulting aesthetic damage and how it might be rectified.

The Landmarks Law and the Courts

A legal analysis of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Act and the First Amendment issues involved in the landmark designation of houses of worship. This piece was drafted after the United States Supreme Court declined to review the dismissal of a challenge to the Landmarks Act brought by a financially troubled church in New York City.

Remember When?

A look back at the Upper West Side as it was in 1972. This piece was the centerpiece for a special 24th anniversary edition of several weekly newspapers, the Westsider and the Chelsea-Clinton News.

The First Subway Line

This lavishly-illustrated piece appeared in Metropolis magazine, and describes the elaborate Beaux-Arts design of the Interborough Rapid Transit subway line which opened in 1904, and the rather ungenerous handling of those features over the following 90 years.

Columbus Circle-The Heyday

Taken from a four-part series covering the history of the Columbus Circle/Lincoln Center area, from its colonial-era origins as a genteel Dutch estate and farm to its glittering present, this piece covers the period from the late 19th Century to circa 1913.